My First (Public) Shopify App — Draft Order Attributes

A typical Draft Order in Shopify
  • Over the phone/email based orders
  • Orders of custom quantities that aren’t usually available
  • Taking pre-orders for products
  • Adding bulk or wholesale discounts for customers
  • Creating quotes ahead of the actual sale

The missing puzzle piece

During your typical Shopify Online Store purchasing process you may have added additional fields on the cart page to allow customers to chose an option or supply some info, which alongside the Note field are Cart Attributes. These are often used to supply info like:-

  • Gift wrapping messaging and options
  • Order personalisation
  • Pick a delivery day for their order
  • Add a Purchase Order reference number for invoices

Creating a new puzzle piece

As a result I’ve built a simple app which allows you to create a Draft Order with the additional attribute fields you might need.

The Development Process

It’s been really interesting building a Shopify app destined for their App Store, rather than a Custom App. Having recently built an iPhone app for the iOS store, I was used to needing things like privacy policy pages and setting up support inboxes etc.

Don’t add another feature until it’s launched!

It’s also been interesting product managing it so far, even if it just me building it, aiming to keep to a “MVP then iterate fast” process has been good. So I keep coming up with ideas of new features but benching them, so that I can actually launch the app first, rather than feature creeping for ages and never launching.



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Stephen Keable

Stephen Keable


Shopify partner, JavaScript/Liquid/Swift developer, convert to serverless architecture and builder of digital products people love to use since 1999.